Hot Water and CIP Heat Exchangers

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Pressure Worx supply steam fired hot water and CIP heat exchangers to dairy factories across New Zealand, all designed and manufactured locally.  For new installations, our standard modular designs meet local requirements and PECPR regulations and are design verified.

We manufacture replacement upgrades of older units including legacy Flotech and Greenlane Technology units for which we have historic project information and direct replacement units available. The direct replacements are dimensionally equivalent and can slide straight in with no changes to the existing piping. Our specialist thermodynamics designers can also replace existing fixed tubesheet designs to floating tubesheet, bellows or U-tube designs, to better accommodate the thermal expansion often seen in hot water and CIP heat exchanger applications.  Construction materials are typically stainless steel 316 or Duplex (SAF2205) and we can provide hygenic design for food grade applications. Stainless steel heat exchangers are finished with electro-polishing.

For difficult site layouts, we customise our standard designs, tailoring the layout, orientations and connection sizes to suit the particular site installation requirements. We stock key components and can offer rapid delivery when required.

Pressure Worx provides the most energy efficient, robust and cost effective heat transfer solutions for our clients. Please contact our sales team on  to discuss your hot water and CIP heat exchangers requirements.

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