Designing custom heat exchangers for CIP systems

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CIP systems often require custom heat exchangers. CIP or clean-in-place is a controlled method of cleaning the interior surfaces of pipes and equipment with a combination of chemicals, heat, and water. CIP systems automate essential cleaning processes and remove the need for time-consuming disassembly and assembly work. Industries that rely heavily on CIP include dairy, beverage, brewing, processed foods, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and cosmetics.

Different products and processes require different types of CIP systems. Single use and dump systems are often installed where there is a large amount of fouling due to product deposits and high chemical oxygen demand (COD) levels make them unsuitable for re-use systems. Reuse CIP systems typically have a dilute chemical supply tank and a post rinse recovery tank used for the next pre-rinse. Both types of systems require critical temperature control to prevent product spoilage and to increase its dirt removal efficiency.

At Pressure Worx, we understand both the process of CIP systems and the requirements of the heating systems for CIP temperature control for water and cleaning agents. We custom design heat exchangers and heating systems with either an in-line heater for each cleaning circuit or a re-circulated kidney type heater for each chemical supply tank or water recovery tank. In both cases, the cleaning agents will be heated to the proper temperature.

Capacity and pressure requirements in CIP systems vary dramatically, so we custom design heat exchangers for your specific CIP system requirements. Whether a single pass heat exchanger with a fixed tubesheet, a multi-pass design with a floating tubeplate, or u-bundle design, we can provide the most economical and reliable heat exchanger design to meet your CIP systems requirements.

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