Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

We designed our renewable energy solutions to better utilise the Earth’s natural resources in environmentally responsible and efficient ways.  Renewable biogas typically originates in landfills, waste water treatment plants and biogas digesters.  The source of the biogas determines the volumes and composition of the gases and guides the way in which its converted to usable energy.  In general terms, landfills and wastewater treatment plants use biogas to generate electricity using either gas engines or microturbines.  Ideally, a nearby process uses the heat energy from the gas engine or microturbine, increasing overall efficiencies.  Organic digesters generate biogas from the decomposition of organic waste.  Subsequently, biogas upgrading plants create biomethane, biofuel, or RNG (Renewable Natural Gas) which feeds into gas pipelines for industrial use.

Landfill Gas

Today a landfill is not just a rubbish dump. In fact they are a valuable source of renewable energy which can be captured and used in a variety of ways. A landfill produces biogas (or landfill gas) which contains a high percentage  of methane.  While the methane is a valuable product with many uses, landfill gas includes other undesirable trace substances, including hydrogen sulphide and siloxanes.  Pressure Worx offers a number of technologies to effectively clean up unwanted substances in landfill gas. Read more

Waste Water Treatment Plant

Waste water treatment plants treat waste water by anaerobic digestion (AD).  It’s a common technology for sewage sludge treatment which allows generation of renewable energy from the same process. During AD, microorganisms break down the organic matter contained in the sludge and convert it into biogas, a mixture of mainly methane and carbon dioxide.  However, raw biogas includes other trace substances which must be cleaned up to obtain good combustible gas before it can be used for electricity, heat and biofuel production.  Pressure Worx offers a number of technologies for biogas cleanup including gas drying, hydrogen sulphide reduction and siloxane removal. Read more


Decomposing organic waste in digesters produces Biogas, a naturally renewable energy source.  Capture, upgrading and effective utilisation of biogas is great for the environment and reduces reliance on fossil fuels.  Read more