Waste Water Treatment Plants

Waste water treatment plants produce biogas. This is a valuable product with a many uses. Pressure Worx offers a number of technologies for the utilisation of biogas from treatment plants.

Biogas Upgrading – we can take the biogas, remove the carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulphide, siloxanes and moisture that are present in the biogas, creating Biomethane. This clean gas can then be used for vehicle fuel, virtual pipeline or injected directly into the gas grid.

More common in Australasia is generating electricity from the biogas. Pressure Worx offer systems to remove moisture, siloxanes, and reduce H2S suitable for burning in gas engines or Microturbines. We offer blowers and compressors to increase pressure of the biogas when required.

Pressure Worx promote the use of Capstone Microturbines within New Zealand. The Microturbines create electricity but also plenty of high grade heat that can have many different industrial uses.