Compressor Maintenance / Service

Compressor Maintenance / Service

Pressure Worx have trained and experienced service engineers to assist you with your compressor service. This could be as a ‘one off’ service assignment or as part of a structured long term service agreement.

We can support packages utilising GE ‘HSR’ or Ro-Flo compressors with service and spare parts. We are able to make recommendations on service requirements and assist you with developing a maintenance program for your compressor package.

Control on the cost of ownership and maximising operational plant efficiency is always important. Astute companies wish to mitigate risks wherever possible. We recommend to our clients that do not have their own qualified maintenance teams that they enter into a Service Agreement with us.

By entering into a Service Agreement with Pressure Worx, you can gain access to services which may include:

  • A maintenance cycle that follows a specified schedule
  • Planned outages of a specified duration to suit your operation
  • Minimised downtime for both planned and unexpected events
  • Peace of mind in knowing your equipment is being maintained by capable and trained technicians
  • A support team that plans your scheduled outages with you, responds quickly to unscheduled outage requirements and coordinates spare parts requirements and inventory
  • Increased plant performance, reliability and availability
  • Reduced life cycle costs and a lower project risk profile
  • Comprehensive parts support and spares holdings

We hold inventory of commonly used parts and can often turn around spares orders within the day. Please contact us if you would like to discuss your gas compression servicing requirements or spare parts needs.