Heat Exchangers

Heat Exchangers

Pressure Worx is a niche designer and supplier of specialty heat exchangers, designing to international standards including ASMEVIII Div.1, AS1210 & TEMA. We have extensive experience and expertise in thermal design and providing the most energy efficient, robust and cost effective heat transfer solutions for our clients.

A heat exchanger is a device used to transfer heat between two fluids. They come in a variety of forms and are used extensively across a wide range of industries.

Shell & Tube

Pressure Worx is a leader in the design and supply of specialized niche area and standard shell & tube heat exchangers across a wide range of industries. We supply units for new installations as well as direct replacements or upgrades of existing units (including those from Flotech and Greenlane Technologies).  Read more

Stator Air Coolers & Fin-Fan Radiators

Pressure Worx designs and supplies specialty radiator coils for niche applications,.  For example, we offer stator air coolers for the power generation industry. Read more

Gas Heating / Economisers

Prior to pressure reduction, or after chilling in a refrigerative dryer, gas heating can be required to suppress gas dewpoint. For these applications, Pressure Worx supplies gas heaters and economisers to heat gas streams. Read more

Plate Heat Exchangers (PHE)

Pressure Worx offers Sondex PHEs, the leading brand for industry & dairy sectors. Read more

Wet Surface Air Coolers (WSAC)

A WSAC is an industrial evaporative cooler and Pressure Worx are the International Representative for Niagara Blower (Alfa Laval) covering Australia and New Zealand. Read more

Retubes & Refurbishment

We offer complete retube and/or refurbishment services for existing heat exchangers. Alternatively, we  can provide complete replacement exchangers designed to match existing dimensions. Read more

Spare Parts

We stock a variety of wide variety of gaskets and seals for our heat exchangers. In addition, we stock gasket & seal kits for all Flotech and Greenlane units. Read more