Industrial Refrigeration

Industrial Refrigeration
Pressure Worx have a long track record in design and supply of pressure vessels and heat exchangers for industrial refrigeration applications. These include the following items:

  • Water Cooled Oil Coolers

  • Thermosyphon (Refrigerant cooled) Oil Coolers

  • Condensers

  • Evaporators (DX, Flooded, Thermosyphon, Reboilers)

  • Liquid Sub-Coolers

  • Purgers

  • Oil Separators

  • Oil/Gas Coolers

  • Desuperheaters / Heat Recovery Systems

While the majority of the equipment is used on ammonia systems, we frequently design and supply heat exchangers for all types of refrigerants/freons including propane and carbon dioxide. For difficult applications where you need expert assistance in heat exchanger selection and design, contact us.