Shell & Tube

Pressure Worx is a leader in the design and supply of specialized niche area and standard shell & tube heat exchangers across a wide range of industries.

Biogas Conditioning

We design and supply biogas conditioning systems to target reduction or removal of moisture, carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulphide, siloxanes and VOCs. Our specialised solutions cleanup biogas for power generation, heat energy, pipeline injection or your own alternative use.

Gas Processing

We are specialists in gas processing including reciprocating and rotary compression packaged solutions, gas drying and pressure control systems. We will develop a tailored engineered solution to meet your needs.

Latest News

Working on a Green Hydrogen future

Pressure Worx provided gas scrubbers and gas compressor packages for the Hazer Commercial Demonstration Project (CDP). The project aims for a green hydrogen future by converting biogas generated from a wastewater plant into high purity hydrogen and high-quality graphite.

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