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Pressure Worx loves a good, novel, clean energy project so when the opportunity came up to work on a green hydrogen future with Hazer Group, we jumped at it.  Hazer Group is a pioneering ASX-listed technology development company undertaking the commercialisation of the HAZER® Process, a low-emission hydrogen and graphite production process.  Hazer is constructing their Commercial Demonstration Project (CDP) at the Woodman Point Waste Water Treatment Facility near Perth, Australia.  It will convert biogas generated from the facility into high purity hydrogen and high quality graphite.

Biogas cleanup

The first part of the process involves the cleanup of the biogas produced from the water treatment facility to remove contaminants such as Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) and various Siloxanes.  Pressure Worx designed and supplied two sets of gas scrubbers, one set for the H2S removal and the other for the siloxanes. 

Pressure Worx provided lead-lag siloxane scrubbers using specifically formulated carbon adsorption media in our 3.7m high GRP/polypropylene lined vessels.  Our H2S scrubbers use a granular iron oxide scavenging material, also in a lead-lag configuration of 3.5m high vessels. The four white scrubber vessels can be seen in the above photo at the left most edge of the site.

The main benefits of the lead-lag configuration are twofold.  Maintenance teams can change the media on the lead scrubber while the lag scrubber remains on-line, meaning no down time.  Furthermore, operators can ensure that the lead scrubber media is fully spent (utilised) before change out, with the lag bed providing a safety net against break through.

Screw compressor packages

After the scrubbers and as part of the front end of the process, Pressure Worx supplied three gas compressor packages on various biogas and hydrogen rich duties.  We selected oil flooded screw compressors in self-contained units from Adicomp as the ideal solution for Hazer’s CDP.  Adicomp is a leading global supplier of biogas screw compressors and Pressure Worx is proud to represent them across Australasia.  The partnership enables us to specify packages for local conditions and standards but manufactured with Adicomp’s extensive experience at their comprehensive facilities in Italy.

The target commissioning date for the Hazer Commercial Demonstration Project is Q1 2022.  A green hydrogen future awaits!

Adicomp Screw Compressor

Three compactly designed and enclosed screw compressor packages were supplied to site with control systems complete with variable speed drives to optimise control and energy efficiency.

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