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Optimal is the Australian, New Zealand and South Pacific Partner for the award winning Capstone Microturbines. Their generators produce electricity that is cleaner and cheaper than the grid. Optimal’s combined power systems achieve maximum efficiency by using the waste heat created during power generation that is cheaper, cleaner, and more reliable than alternative sources.

Pressure Worx have partnered up with Optimal for biogas and landfill gas projects which require gas conditioning solutions to clean the gas prior to the Microturbine. These solutions include moisture & siloxane removal and compression and may involve reduction in volatile organics and H2S.

In New Zealand, Pressure Worx is able to offer a full turnkey solution incorporating the gas cleaning, compression Capstone Microturbine(s), backed with a full service and equipment protection plan, typically extending out for 10 years. One of the key benefits of the Microturbines is that as well as electricity, they produce plenty of waste heat that can be utilised in many ways. An example would be for evaporating Leachate at Landfills. With both Optimal and Pressure Worx process and mechanical engineering capabilities, together we can come up with many novel and innovative ways to enhance both the economics and favourable environmental impact of a project.

For more information on Optimal Group and the Capstone Microturbines click here to be taken to their website.